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Benefits of Buying With a Platinum VIP Realtor

Posted by Thomas on June 4, 2020
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The benefits of buying pre-construction condos & homes through a Platinum sales representative are quite extensive. If you are interested in purchasing pre-construction real estate, it is highly recommended that you do so through through an agent that is well-versed in how this particular facet of the market operates. This will allow you to receive the best deal possible, as well as take full advantage of the incentives offered by builders. Below is a summary of the benefits of buying pre-construction from a Platinum VIP realtor:


  • Platinum realtors spend years building relationships with developers throughout the region. They normally only work with pre-construction units, and therefore have a greater understanding of what new projects are coming in the future-which allows them to help you choose a location that best suits your needs, as well as maximize your return-on-investment.


  • These relationships allow platinum agents to provide access to incentives that would otherwise not be available to buyers, such as:
    • Platinum Access pricing
    • Extended Deposit Structures
    • Right to Assignment
    • Right to Lease During Occupancy
    • Capped Development Charges


  • Platinum realtors are also more knowledgeable about future projects throughout the region. In addition to knowing what is available right now, they are also highly familiar with upcoming projects that are still in planning-such as those that are currently in developers’ pipelines.


  • Finally, agents who deal with pre-construction have turned it into their specialty, and are able to guide you through every step of the development process. First, they will help you pick a location, and then find a unit and floor plan which are right for you. Next comes the purchase agreement, which they will walk you through. During the 10-day cooling-off period that follows, they will provide you with the names of several lawyers who have experience dealing with pre-construction developments. If needed, pre-construction agents can also aid in the leasing process if your property is for an investment.

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